For Attorneys

Federal Prison Expert and Federal Prison Consultants, divisions of Justice Solutions of America, Inc., are nationally recognized consulting firms specializing in assisting criminal defendants, their families, and attorneys. We are the nation’s foremost consulting and advocacy firm for federal criminal defendants and persons facing incarceration in federal prison with proven results for our clients. Our consultation and advocacy can complement and supplement the services you provide to ensure the best possible outcome for your clients who are facing or serving a federal prison sentence. We specialize in the following areas:

Federal Pre-sentence Consulting Services

• Celebrity/High Profile Client Preparation for Federal Prison
• Sentencing Mitigation/Alternatives and Representation at Federal Sentencing
• Judicial Recommendation Requests at Federal Sentencing for Sentence Minimization
• Pre-sentence Investigation Report Pre-Interview Consultation and Preparation and Review Prior to Sentencing to Ensure Maximum BOP Benefit
• Federal Prison Designation and Specialized Program Placement
• Security/Custody Level Calculations
• Sentence Computation Calculations
• Qualification Reviews for Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program, Non-Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program, Sex Offender Treatment Program, and Mothers and Infants Placement
• Informational Booklets for Purchase for Bureau of Prisons Regional Facilities and Programs, Preparation for Incarceration by Security Level, Specialized Programs, and Early Release Strategies

Behind the Walls Advocacy

• Residential and Non-Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program and Sex Offender Treatment Program Qualification
• Re-designation and Institutional Transfers
• Medical Center Transfers and Advocacy for Medical Treatment
• Reduction in Sentence/Compassionate Release
• Sentence Calculations including Good Time Credits and Jail Credit Time
• Maximum Halfway House and/or Home Confinement Placement
• Assistance with Release Planning and Supervised Release Plans
• Furlough Requests
• Commutation of Sentence and Pardon Petitions

We have a range of fee options available, from hourly rates for single or one-time concerns such as sentence computation or security/custody scoring calculations to a customized retainer package based on complex or multiple issues to address the specific needs of your client. We have a dedicated staff of professionals to assist with any situation and to help secure the best possible outcome should your client face a period of federal incarceration.